Why COVID-19 Can’t Affect Online World?

It’s been a year already since this Corona has raged and affected the life of every living creature on this planet.

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way we live, shop, and interact with others more than any other thing.

As of business insight, the offline market has been affected the most because of the lockdown. All the street vendors had to suffer and are yet suffering.  But on the other hand, online businesses got the chance and it has now taken over offline businesses.


Why covid can’t affect the online world?


Corona is a disease that is spreading through physical interaction and no one in the world wants to suffer from it. Thus, people prefer to buy and sell online. 

Whether it be education, trade, sales or shopping, payment, etc people prefer online mode in today’s time.

The new normal is widely accepted by the people because coronavirus has locked us all but to live we need to earn. Almost 70% of the businesses are online now and in one year they have somewhat made the online world similar to the offline one.

Interaction with people was already done through messaging applications and so it didn’t make much difference in relations. Moreover, the long-lost relations between family and old friends were gained back as people got to spend some quality time with them. Video calls, audio calls, and online presence were the most and is the most since the first lockdown.

Coming to the education part, many online learning platforms are now providing free access to their services in response to high demand. Schools are conducting classes and exams online. However, there are obstacles to overcome. Some students who do not have reliable internet access and/or technology find it difficult to engage in digital learning; this gap exists across countries and between income brackets within countries.

Talking about the other industries, some have experienced a surge in popularity such as healthcare that has grown as a result of necessity, while others have experienced a sharp decline. For example, the e-commerce fashion industry and travel industry are down.

Drastic growth in the demand for some products and services was experienced. They are as follows:

  • Healthcare
  • Delivery services
  • Mask and sanitizer
  • plants and gardening equipment
  • Pet products
  • Home beauty products
  • Gaming
  • Fitness and health
  • Mobile and laptop


Corona is a deadly disease and it is crucial to stay healthy and work safely. Thus, the online world is currently the best place for interacting, trading, or starting a business.


“If you’ll live, you’ll earn”





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