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Did you know?

It takes longer to say “WWW” than to say “World Wide Web” because of all the syllables.

Similarly, generating web traffic and having enough conversions is because of the right strategy and analysis.


Now, you must be thinking what is the connection between both the above sentences, right? The relation you have with your competitors and they have with the customers, is what must be your concern especially when you are the seller in this virtual world.

Your website is not fruitful if it does not take you a step ahead of your competitors. Thus, it makes comparing web traffic important. In the virtual market, one of the best ways to stay ahead and keep up with your plans is to compare and analyze your web traffic against your competitors.

Web traffic has been the number one concern of almost all business owners and to dig in deep about it we need to first know about SEO which is known to attract natural and quality traffic to websites. It is free to do it yourself as it is a long-term strategy and lasting results. If you are yet not clear what SEO does then do check out our blog on the same and if you already know then let’s talk about web analysis and comparison.

Note: I will tell you the names of some free and paid resources but as this is not a sponsored blog I won’t attach the links.

What is web analytics and how it helps?

Web analytic is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data for the purpose to understand and optimize website usage. It helps you to get visitors’ persona that is the age, gender, behavior, and source of traffic, etc details. With the provided visitors’ data, you can optimize your content based on their interests.

It is always said that knowing what your audience cum customers are looking for in your website and what their requirements are, is important.

There are many different web analytic systems that you can use, some free and some paid and all provide almost the same. So as I always suggest, do your research and understand what you need before getting started.

Following are some of the web analytic tools you can use:

  1. Hotjar: It is a quality tool that unveil the virtual behavior of your visitors. It combines both the feedback and analysis tools. The analysis tool allows you to measure and observe what your users do while the feedback tool that allows you to know what they want.


  1. CrazyEgg: It an online platform that provides you with handy tools such as scroll map, overlay, heat map, and confetti to keep an eye on the website’s operation. This helps you to understand your customers’ interest by which you can boost your profit from your website and be ahead of your competitors. It also allows you to create tests to figure out your users’ behavior.


  1. AdClarity: it is a fantastic method for monitoring the traffic on the competitors’ social network and website. It also gives you an in-depth look at your competitors’ promotional strategies and results. AdClarity offers you a rare and unique look at how your competitors’ advertisements are driving traffic to their websites by defining common traffic sources.


  1. Alexa: it is a common and powerful tool for audience analysis. You can see where the website ranks and how it compares to the competition. You can monitor interaction, popularity, and unique visitors with Alexa.


Following are some of the best free web analytic tools are:

  1. Google analytics: It’s a Google Analytics feature that allows you to compare your data to aggregated industry data from other companies that share their data. You can set meaningful goals with this function because it provides you with useful context. It gives you an understanding of the key trends that are taking place in your region, which you can use to improve your strategies.


  1. SimilarWeb: You can equate your campaign to that of your competitors using SimilarWeb. It also allows you to view their site statistics, which you can use to compare and analyze your own results. SimilarWeb offers a wealth of interaction data that reveals how your target audience communicates with your brand.


  1. Piwik: unlike the above ones, it is highly customizable since it is based on a plugin system. All of the data it collects and presents is stored on your server, giving you complete control over every aspect. Without having to go through your firewall, the tool will block traffic, URLs, and IP addresses. If you want to keep your disc space free, it will uninstall old data automatically.


  1. Woopra: It is an analytics monitoring tool that updates in real-time, while Google Analytics can take hours to update. It’s a desktop application that gives you real-time visitor statistics, such as where they’re from, what sites they’re on right now, where they’ve been on your site, and what browser they’re using. You can also communicate with individual site users in real-time. This could be a fantastic feature for your online store.



  1. Heap: It prioritizes user convenience. Rather than using menus and settings tabs, it relies entirely on a point-and-click interface. Heap keeps track of the website’s operation, analyses it, and generates a list of the most common events. Pricing is tailored to your individual requirements. The Basic kit is free to use, but if your site is still small, you will want to upgrade.


  1. Clicky: it also provides a free plan if you only have one website and a recurring charge for a Pro account. Real-time analytics are included, as well as Spy View, which allows you to see what current users are doing on your site. The dashboard on Clicky is easy to use and clearly displays all of the details you need to know. They also have a mobile app that allows you to check your stats from anywhere.

How to do a comparison?

After you know everything about your website, traffic, and your visitors, you can easily compare your stats with your competitors. Well, if you are confused about where to start, do not worry, I have listed some of the things you should compare and improve your website for the better good of your business:

  • Website layout
  • Features arrangement
  • Website content
  • Keywords used
  • Meta description tag

I hope the information was of your use. But again let me tell you that this blog is not a sponsored one and is just for your betterment.

Now, you know how to compare and do the analysis, what is the wait for? Get started and make your business a successful one.


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill


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