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Affiliate Disclaimer

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The information provided by us on is for general information purpose only. All information provided is in good faith.

Promote ARYSTONS to receive up to 30% recurring commission on each sale. The particulars of the Affiliate process for interested applicants are listed below.

  • Only when the lead becomes a customer will you receive affiliate fee. For signups and clicks, we don’t pay a commission.
  • If the terms and conditions are not followed, affiliate accounts may be suspended. We do not accept traffic generated by our affiliates via coupon or discount websites, Google Ads, or Bing Ads.
  • As a result, when calculating commissions, sales from Google Ads marketing would be ignored.

Conditions for Account Suspension

  • If an affiliate uses Brand bidding to generate leads, his or her account will be suspended. In such a case, no commission will be given, and the affiliate will be reported for malpractice.
  • If an associate engages in Direct Linking, his or her account will be suspended. There are several different types of direct linking methods, and if you want to advocate using this approach, please contact the team at first to prevent account suspensions.

 Working with respect to the above mentioned points will enable you to have a good experience with us.

 How much can you make through your affiliate program is listed below:

You can get upto 30% recurring commission on every sale you bring to us.

The commissions you’ll get for bringing sales to our various services are:

Website Hosting- 20% recurring commission

VPS Hosting- 12% recurring commission

Windows RDP- 8% recurring commission

Dedicated Server- 8% recurring commission

Email Marketing- 30% recurring commission

Website Development- 5% commission

  • Note- Affiliates will receive a 5% recurring commission for website development only if the client they refer falls into one of our pricing categories, i.e. when the client chooses one of our packages.

You can check our pricing and packages for Website Development at Website Packages.

Details about receiving your affiliate commissions

For any affiliate to receive a commission, the referred account should remain active for a minimum of 60 days.

We give the pay-outs at a minimum threshold of $50 and we do transfer the money through NEFT/ PayPal. Do not forget to ask for details on the time of first checkout.

Earning commissions on your own purchases

We strictly prohibit any affiliate purchase through self-referrals. For any transactions made by the affiliate or for his own use, no commission will be paid. Although you can receive an automatic notification from Arystons telling you that a sale has taken place, but there will be no amount included in your affiliate payments of self-purchase commissions.

  • Note: if it’s found that you are doing self-referrals, your account will be disabled instantly and you will be allowed to present details within one week.
  • There will be no commission generated if the custom domain of the affiliate will match with the end-user.

Cookie Period

Whenever a user referred by the affiliate link (which will be provided to the affiliate by us) will made a purchase of any our product (products listed for affiliate commissions) then you will get the affiliate commission for that sale.

A 90 days cookie period is followed by us for this.

Approval Period

Your affiliate commission will be approved instantly, as soon as your referred account will do the payment.

Note: We do not, however, make any representations or warranties about the accuracy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information on the site. We will not be liable to you in any way if you suffer any loss or harm as a result of using this site. You are solely responsible for your use of the site and your relevance on any information on the site.

Arystons as a company also do Affiliates of suitable companies, To check them visit our resources.