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Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy is all about how we collect, use and share your personal information for our own purposes. Be sure to read it carefully, but it is to be noted that it is not the part of this Agreement and can change in time. It is very much important and turns out to be a mandate that you must comply with data protection laws when using the services, such as when you collect others’ personal information or use cookies or similar technologies which also includes those which we drop for you at your request, such as for web analytics. Our Data Processing Addendum is full enough in explaining how we handle, on your instructions, others’ personal information you collect using the services or any of your User Content which contains others’ personal information. Be sure to read that carefully also.

Privacy Policy

By using the Services, you confirm that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy. However, it is to be well understood that it is not a contractual document and nowhere form part of this Agreement and is subjected to change from time to time.

Data Processing Addendum. Our Data Processing Addendum forms part of this Agreement.

You Must Comply With Data Protection, Security And Privacy Laws. You agree and warrant that you are solely responsible when using Your Sites or the Services for complying with applicable data protection, security and privacy laws and regulations (including, where applicable, the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the EU e-Privacy Directive/Regulation), including any notice and consent requirements. This includes without limitation the collection and processing by you of any personal data, when you use Your Sites and the Services to send marketing and other electronic communications to individuals and when using cookies and similar technologies on Your Sites (including, in particular, those which we place for you at your request as part of the Services, such as to undertake analytics for you).

Privacy Policies. If applicable law requires, it is advisable that you must provide a legally compliant privacy policy and make it available to your end-users on your own website.

Cookies and Similar Technologies. If applicable law requires, it is advisable that you must provide a legally compliant cookie policy and make it available to your end-users on your own website. You must capture valid consent, both for you and us, for any cookies or similar technologies used on or through Your Site which includes those that we drop on your request or with your permission where required. Including, where applicable, by the EU e-Privacy Directive/Regulation and under national laws implementing the same.

Protect And Improve The Services. You agree that we may protect and improve our Services through analysis of your use of the Services, your End Users’ use of Your Sites and/or analysis of you and your End Users’ personal information in anonymized, de-personalized and/or aggregated form. If applicable law requires, you should explain this in your privacy policy.

Refunds. It is all up to you that you may cancel any Paid Services at any time, you won’t be issued a refund except in our sole discretion, or if legally required. We offer a free trial so you can try out your web hosting subscription. Please note applicable statutory rights of cancellation may not result in a refund, as we do not charge for this trial period.

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