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Best Landing Page Creator 2021 – Instapage?

The landing page is a kind of web page that is the one place destination of an offer so that users can know and buy that offer.

It is different from homepages. Homepages have many links whereas a landing page has links related to one offer only.

Landing pages are the modern marketer’s toolkit because they can give you a conversion rate of up to 30%.

By this, I meant that it will take your leads to do the payment and the rate of that can be up to 30% or more.

Are you also thinking that how it can be possible?

This is possible only when you create a well-optimized landing page for your website. Your website should have killer landing pages with tons of features.

Well-optimized landing pages have the least links and an effective call to action (CTA).

From this, you can now analyze that how powerful the landing pages can be. This is one of the best online advertising tools for marketers.

Now you know the importance and what a landing page is but how can you build them?

I will tell you how you can do that. There are many landing page builders available in the market. These builders are like a tool that will help you to build your landing page.

Here one more question arises. Which landing page builder to choose for making the best landing page?

In this blog, I will tell you about a tool named Instapage. Instapage is a great landing page tool for beginners and experts.

I will be also giving you some strong points that how Is This the Best Landing Page Builder?

So, let’s first learn about Instapage and why it is a great landing page tool for beginners and experts.


Instapage is a tool that lets you do online marketing and promotions with killer landing pages with tons of features.

It has emerged as one of the best online advertising tools for marketers that is easy to use too.

Even if you have little technical knowledge then also you can use it as it is very simple. That’s why it is known as a great landing page tool for beginners and experts.

Talking about its price, it provides you with two types of plans i.e. is the core plan and estimate plan. The core plan has a fixed price i.e. $149/ month if you pay annually and $199/month if you pay monthly. In the estimated plan you can get customized features according to your need and the price is also according to that only. You can also try a 14-day free trial here.

It is considered to be the modern marketer’s toolkit because it includes many advanced features along with the basic features.

Let’s look into some of its most important and usable features:

Instapage Features: Is This The Best Landing Page Builder?

  1. User-friendly landing pages

Instapage allows you to develop a landing page with over 5000 fonts and 33 million images.

This helps you in editing and making stunning, and user-friendly landing pages.

With Instapage you can let your creativity come out with flying colors that will be relatable to your users.

  1. Vast Range of Template Layouts

Instapage has a vast range i.e. more than 200 plus template layout for every business. You don’t have to worry about whether you will get a relatable template for your business or not.

In addition to this, the templates are customizable and will take your leads to do the payment. Also, there is no coding required for the same.

  1. Add thousands of IMAGES with a click

Instapage allows you to add images from your computer or system and also you can select from thousands of images available. It is easy to scroll and locate images. You just have to click on the selected image to upload it.

  1. On-Page Collaboration

It is one of the best online advertising tools for marketers because it is the only fully integrated collaborative tool in this industry.

It means that Instapage allows you to collaborate with your teammates and clients on the page only.

  1. Allow you to build landing pages using AMP

AMP allows you to build mobile landing pages that load much faster than pages that are build using HTML. So, Instapage allows you to use AMP for building your mobile landing pages.

It is the only modern marketer’s toolkit that allows you to create A/B test landing pages using the AMP framework. Therefore, you won’t have to hire any developer even if you have low technical knowledge.

  1. Introducing INSTABLOCKS

Instablock is a very unique feature introduced by Instapage. It allows you to use pre-designed blocks for your landing page. It will save you a lot of time. You can also design your own and reuse, edit or redesign them whenever you need them.

It will take your leads to do the payment and increase your conversion rates up to 40% along with saving your time.


The blocks made by you in Instablock can be saved globally too. So, that if you want to update anything on your existing page them it will get an update on all the pages of the same block.

So, What would you do with the power of Instablocks?

  1. Customizable Mobile Blocks

Instapage allows you to make your landing page for a mobile view in just one click. You can customize it by hiding the blocks that will make a better mobile view.

It is one of the best online advertising tools for marketers because it allows you to make your existing landing page in such a way that it increases the conversion rate on mobile too.


  1. Alignment and Grouping Features

The Instapage Alignment and grouping features enable designers to group items, aligned elements, and convert their desktop landing pages into perfectly aligned global pages.

The new grouping capability allows the even distribution of multiple objects and automatically converts those individual groups into global responsive elements. This will save you time to create global landing pages.


  1. Custom Code Settings

You can easily edit code in custom languages like Javascript, HTML/CSS, or third-party scripts. You can add features like a visual calendar, conversion tracking, drop tags for marketing, gallery images, and much more.

So, the above-mentioned were the 10 most important landing page features that Instapage provides you to build killer landing pages with tons of features.

I hope you now know why is this the best landing page builder?

Let’s now look into why Instapage – the landing page builder is best for increasing conversions on the landing page too.

Instapage: Building High Converting Landing Page

Instapage allows you to build landing pages that create high conversion rates. High conversion rates mean taking your take your leads to do the payment.

These online advertising tools for marketers provide you features that are best for getting high conversion rates.

It is a scientifically proven method that has 3 million-plus landing pages with more than 4 billion unique users. Almost all of them have achieved an average of 400% lift.

It allows you to make killer landing pages with tons of features that are focused on increasing conversion rates. The landing page layouts are made in such a way that it matches the message provided by the landing page.

So, you can understand how they are conversion-focused.

You can create truly powerful marketing teams, optimize and redirect on everything. Optimize your post-click landing pages for more conversions with detailed heatmaps, A / B and multivariate testing, and robust analysis.

Instapage also allows you to increase visitor engagement and hence conversion rate. Allowing you to have unique landing experiences for your every advertisement and target audience.

You can deliver the experience needed by your specific target audience. You can also connect your different ads landing pages creating a relevant landing page. The more the relevancy is more your conversion will be.

The last but not the least point is that it allows your page to open instantly in the browser. This increases the traffic as if the landing page does not load faster then they can churn too.


I hope you are now clear that why Is This The Best Landing Page Builder for increasing conversion rate too.

Landing pages are all about increasing conversion rates.

So, using Instapage will allow you to achieve your major goal by effectively increasing your conversion rates.

Seeing the benefits of  Instapage, I feel that the conversion rate you will get after this is very high when you will compare it with the investment you have done on it.

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