Which LMS suits you?

As we all know, with the rise in awareness among people about education and the growth of globalization, people have developed a way of interacting through the internet and electronic media, which has called for a rise in e-learning.

These days, our little tots are learning through various online websites which are not only making them more interactive and smarter, but it is also enabling them to cope up with the speedy growth of the world. Isn’t it?

E-learning efficiently enables people to deliver courses online. Due to its convenience and flexibility, it is attracting more and people. Anyone can take advantage of web-based learning easily. We can now perform our all work just by laying on a bed or a couch. These websites have added a touch of ease and excellence only by a click!!!!

“Let’s all join our hands and make our learning more interesting, more interactive, and lessen the fear of stuck cramming minds!!!”



 Learning Management System is also known as LMS. It is a software application for mechanization, tracking, administration, documentation, and free liberation of educational courses and understanding development programs. It enables us to provide online learning delivery and support a range of uses. It acts as a platform for online content, including courses, both asynchronous and synchronous-based.

There are several Learning Management Systems: –

◼ Learn Press

◼ Learn Dash

A study shows that more than 800 LMS vendors compete in the 2019 platforms marketplace ( up from 600 in 2014).

  •  School learning Management system software is specifically designed to create, manage and distribute the delivery of only educational content.

It will help the education sector to excel and improve learning. It is focusing on finding a learning management system that would make the delivery of work faster and efficient.

Now, let us discuss LMS tools-

LMS tools are very famous, and Litmos is a renowned learning management system that is very simple and easy to use.

It is mainly used for training employees, customers, partners, and compliance learning.

This article is pen down to provide a brief description of the Learning Management System ( LMS) and spotlight on the comparison of Learn Dash and Learn press.




Do you want to learn?

We are addressing you with the features of the most trusted and underpriced platform of e-learning-

  • Learn Dash is a WordPress LMS that is trusted by numerous universities, training organizations, corporations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for establishing and selling their online lessons.
  • Learn Dash pricing begins at $159.00 per year. They do not have a free version. Moreover, they do not provide any free trial. Its current pricing is $159 to $ 189.
  • It allows us to facilitate selling and managing online courses on a self-hosted strategy that you own and control. It is the leading learning management system for WordPress.
  • Its courses are dynamic, engaging, and offer the latest in e-learning industry trends.
  • It eliminates distractions and lets your content shine and further helps in increasing learner retention and completion rates. It helps to add your logo and brand colors for a truly immersive, branded experience.
  • It provides certificates and badges, which are given based on quizzes conducted and the performance. Its credentials are 100% customized and also support dynamic data. You can not only customize the design and upload the template as a certificate but also get a diploma on completion of your course.
  • Using learn dash pre-requisites, you can determine which courses need to be taken and in what order. It helps to provide a guided learning path or give learners the option to choose the courses they take.
  • It is not mobile-friendly, which counts as one of its limitations.
  • Many learners claim that it is very time-consuming. Its complicated front-end and back-end setup overeat time.
  • Bad UX/UI that gives both course creators and learners an overall lousy experience.


Learn Dash supports zapier (zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. It enables the user to connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.)


So, my dear friends!

What else is needed when such an excellent tool provides us with hundreds of useful features?


Now let’s put light on the features of another LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

2. LearnPress


  • Learn press is a comprehensive WordPress LMS plugin for WordPress. It is a free word press add-on that helps the user to set up an e-learning site quickly and easily, with many advanced features.
  • Its pricing range lies between $49 to$69.
  • Learn press works with any theme on their free version and pro- bundle but requires you to use a Learn press theme on their mid-level tier, the learn press Theme Bundle.
  • Learn press has built-in PayPal integration for one-time purchases, no additional tools or integrations are required to sell individual courses.
  • However, you cannot make recurring payments or run payment plans with PayPal on Learn press. There are additional shopping cart and payment integration add-ons available for stripe, WooCommerce, and other popular payment gateways.
  • Learn press does not allow you to create quizzes to reinforce your course material or test student retention; your options for quiz and question types aren’t as robust.

The users need to install additional add-ons to take advantage of their quiz functionality.

  • Learn press does not support zapier. 

The above discussed were the features of the two Learning Management Systems have made learning more efficient and effective. In the present phase of pandemic and low growth of GDP, people have become more unemployed.

These e-learning platforms are the best means to explore the world and learn something new daily.

 Though the present situation has created many obstacles and has tied the people in the shackles of difficulties, this time has encouraged people to learn more and more through these platforms.

 Now let’s have a closer look at the comparison of Learn Dash and Learn press and find out which one is the best- 

  • Learn ThimPress created press, and their focus is primarily on theme development and sales, whereas LearnDash is focused solely on their LMS.
  • Both Learn Dash and Learn press require the use of a third-party tool such as zapier or WPFusion to connect your online courses built on your WordPress site to pass information back to your CRM but Learn Dash supports zapier and Learn press doesn’t help zapier.
  • Learn Dash is considered underpriced as compared to various other programs in the market like Learnpress.
  • Learndash allows you to add a quiz or assessment at any level throughout the course, whether it is at the end of the course or a specific lesson or topic. While learn press does not allow to create of quizzes or other course material to test the student.
  • LearnDash also provides a feature of built-in certificates to motivate students, whereas learn press does not offer any such feature.

Therefore, we conclude that if you want a LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that you can depend on, then Learn Dash is the best learning management system between these two because Learn press is a comprehensive WordPress LMS plugin for WordPress.

Therefore, you can rely on Learn Dash.


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