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“Managing social media isn’t a piece of cake; let your social media manager do it”


There’s no doubt that since the internet has been accessible to most of the people out there the platforms which have seen the highest growth rate are social media platforms. This huge growth of social media platforms has become a great opportunity for businesses, business professionals, new startups, content creators, educators, etc. to build their online presence and strong customer base to reach new heights of growth, connect with their audience, stand out in competition and build a brand.

  • 8 years ago, there were just 3 million active advertisers on Facebook. As of today, more than 9 million brands are advertising on Facebook

It’s clearly visible how important it has become to marketize on social media for businesses today. Well, as easy it is to step into social media as hard it gets to manage your presence on the platform in the competition. That’s where businesses require a good social media manager who understands their brand and profession and builds a great social media presence for their brand.

Why you need a Social Media Manager?

Being a business professional brings multiple responsibilities which can’t be done thyself, therefore, giving these responsibilities to a good agency or in-house staff is the responsibility to pay attention to. Well, the same goes for hiring an agency to provide social media management, you definitely need a dedicated social media manager. Here’s why-

  • Adapt changing platform algorithms- today is constantly updating platforms the social media landscape and algorithms keep changing abundantly and quickly. Staying up to date on all changes requires an expert to keep a keen eye on the continuous success of the brand on social media platforms.
  • Facebook introduced an algorithm update that would suppress the brand’s content in the news feed.
  • Twitter also announced that the same content won’t be allowed to be posted on multiple accounts.

A social media manager will take in what changes are happening to change campaign objectives, and content to provide continued success with regards to their goals.


  • Need of social media strategy- will it be beneficial that random content without any plan keeps getting posted on your social media profiles? Definitely not. If your social media is getting managed like this it’s strongly recommended to have a passionate social media manager to give full-time efforts.

“Social media is not a set-it-and-forget-it tactic, adopting strategic approach is necessary”

Having a plan developed for social media requires a social media expert to work together with all other people and execute strategy-based marketing campaigns for better brand growth in competition. It will provide better leads, engagement, and results. The social media manager will not only put together the strategy but will also develop a social media calendar to share with you for executing different campaigns.


  • Helping customers and quick responses- social media manager(s) constantly keep an eye on messages, reviews, and comments happening within the social media of your brand. They are aware of how to conduct themselves within the platform representing your brand. A social media manager with good experience and skillset can help mitigate and solve any issue which would have otherwise turned into a disaster. Social media managers give quick responses to things happening around the account they handle and help customers by working with other members.


  • Campaign improvements- your marketing campaigns need improvements based upon market conditions, customer responses, the traffic you are getting, and other factors, a social media manager improves the existing campaigns removing the factors making them dead. A social media manager will keep your brand agile by switching objectives, creatives, or content if current efforts aren’t doing well. The social media manager will check campaign performances at regular time intervals to turn off underperforming ads and optimize other campaigns to meet the goals.


  • Effective account management- managing and handling the social media account and its content is not an easy task nor do business professionals have their own time to look at it. That’s where the essential role of social media manager arises. Social media manager takes the control of your social media accounts and manages them on regular basis. He takes care of the content to be posted when & where.

Either it’s about developing new strategies, campaigns, improving them over time, keeping up with changes in platforms, handling the content, or responding to things happening around brand account working with the marketing management team, social media manager will act all in your brand’s favor and benefit. You must be wondering what essential qualities your social media manager should have? Take a look.

Qualities and skills to look in a Social Media Manager

  • should be quickly responsive to adapt and implement new changes
  • effective problem-solving and strategy making skills
  • should be able to translate primary goals into content and campaigns
  • good communication skills to deal with responses
  • creative to generate fresh and effective content ideas
  • good experience in this space to know what works and what not

well, that makes it pretty clear why your brand needs a social media manager and what qualities you should be looking for in him. Now there must be one question left unanswered, whether to hire a social media manager or hire an in-house social media expert? Let’s make it visible what advantages you’ll get by hiring a social media manager.

Advantages of hiring a social media manager

  • its more financially feasible than hiring an in-house team.
  • social media manager may have fresh ideas which you have not considered
  • They have the edge in working with similar brands, which can help with best practices, what works in your particular industry and what doesn’t.
  • Hiring a social media manager allows you to use your time more effectively.
  • It saves money on expensive digital marketing tools

There are a lot more benefits hiring a social media manager can offer you but choosing the right one is the real task. Since you know what you should be looking for in your brand’s social media management why don’t you take a look at what we have to offer and why you should choose us over others.

Why choose Arystons Social Media Management?

Since we ourselves enlightened you with what you should be looking for in your business and built all these expectations inside you, there’s no wonder we are surely offering all these advantages to you. Still here’s a small brief about our service.

  • Our service provides you a Social Media Manager with an essential skillset who understands your profession and then manages your social media accounts on your behalf so that you build your social media presence.
  • Our social media managers are experts in promoting your products/services on social media, mainly on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Our social media managers are well skilled to deal with content handling, increasing brand awareness, promoting the business effectively on the platforms given to them.

Have a look at our pricing in comparison with others-


Social media management

Packages Arystons Others
Starter $199 $500
Professional/elite $269 $550


Now, when all your questions have been answered, you know who to choose, right! What’s the wait for? Reach out and give us a chance to make your business reach new heights with your social media.

Still, have some doubts? Get to us, All good? Let’s get it done.

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