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“You are lagging behind if you aren’t giving attention to your competitors’ stats”


It’s very obvious that in this digital age every business is trying to reach the top and when it comes to digital marketing, you always need to stay ahead of your competitors. It’s necessary to maintain top search rankings and reach more customers. Comparing and analyzing your web traffic against your competitors is one of those crucial methods to stay ahead and keep up with your strategies. Being a business owner, you must be wondering what different tools are there to help you with the same and how can you use them to benefit your business? Worry no more, you are reading the right blog. We’ll look at different tools to help you compare and analyze your web traffic and outrank your competitors online.

When it comes to comparing your web traffic, it’s essential to understand SEO. Well, we’ll not talk about that here but for an understanding, SEO is a digital marketing strategy to improve your website’s ranking in search results and boosts traffic to your website. We’ll look at it later how it’s connected with comparing website traffic. Let’s jump right into the topic and understand:

What are website analysis tools?

If you want to compare your web traffic with competitors, you have to use a website analysis tool like google analytics, Alexa, etc. these tools allow you to look and compare website traffic volume. Web analytic tools let you monitor key metrics like:

  • Number of visitors on site
  • Source of the traffic
  • Items searched
  • Pages visited each time
  • Average time of every visit
  • Bounce rate

Web analytic tools help you to better understand things like:

  • How many people visit your website?
  • How they got there?
  • How much time do they spend exploring your site?

By using these tools, you can also collect demographic and behavioral information about people who visited your website and purchased any of your products.

 You need the right tools whenever you want to compare web traffic to help you. So, let’s take look at:

Web Analysis tools for comparing and analyzing web traffic


  1. Google analytics benchmarking- it is a free feature of google analytics that can be used to compare your data with aggregated industry data from other companies who share their data. This feature provides you with valuable context and you can set meaningful targets. It provides you with an insight into different trends occurring across your country which can be used to improve your strategies. You can view beneficial metrics like:
  • total number of sessions
  • pages visited per session
  • sessions from new visitors
  • bounce rate
  • the average duration of a session

these metrics can be used to understand how your business compares to others. By knowing where do you stand against your rivals, you can improve your own strategies and can also check out what different they are doing to stay ahead.

  1. Alexa- Alexa is one of the very popular and effective web audience analysis tools for comparing web traffic. By using Alexa, you can look at vital web metrics like top site lists, which can be used to see the top sites that rank for a certain keyword, having the most engagement, and much more. You can see your website ranked and compared to top competitors.

Alexa allows you to track engagement; popularity and you can also view unique visitors. You can look at your stats like keyword ranking to see which competitors or you rank best for that keyboard.

Investing in Alexa will be a great decision to improve your SEO campaign and capitalize on it for staying ahead of your rivals.

  1. AdClarity- it is a great tool for analyzing the traffic of your competition’s social media and website. Not only this but, it also provides you an in-depth view of advertising campaigns and the performance of your competitors.

By identifying popular traffic sources AdClarity gives a unique and breakthrough insight into how your competitors’ ads are attracting traffic to their websites.

  1. SimilarWeb- it is a free and helpful website tool for analyzing your performance along with your competitors. You can compare your web traffic through various metrics and analyze what things you need to improve. You can get a better understanding of how your business stands against the competition by knowing metrics like traffic source, keyword selection, number of mobile app users, and much more. SimilarWeb provides a lot of engagement stats that show how your audience interacts with your brand. As the name says, SimilarWeb lets you compare your campaign to your competitors. It provides access to their site stats also by which you can compare and analyze your own data.

There are many other web analytic tools out there and till now you must be clear about how comparing and analyzing your web traffic and different metrics is connected with your SEO strategy. Choosing the right web analytic tool is all dependent upon your needs and affordability. For a little help, you can consider these factors for choosing the right tool for you.

  • Your business objectives
  • User interface and visualization
  • Agility and scalability
  • Can work on multiple sources of data
  • Pricing
  • Business and technical requirements

Well, that makes it clear how can you compare your web traffic by using different web analytic tools and analyze the collected information and metrics to help you see your strengths, where are you lacking and should improvise, what different your competitors are doing, and much more. Invest into the right tool asap and climb up the ladder of growth.

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