10 proven ways to improve conversions in your funnels.

We read so many quotes about constant improvement on the internet, but in the end, we just give a ‘like’ without implementing them. I’m not sure about your life, but if you aren’t constantly improving things in your funnels, it’ll be hard to see any growth in conversions. If even after having a decent amount of traffic, your conversion rates aren’t going up, then you must pay attention to your funnels.

In this blog, we’ll look at 10 proven ways to improve conversions in your funnels to get more customers with the traffic you already have. No more philosophy, Let’s dive right in and look at these ways-

  1. Remove distractions- How many times have you been on websites with unnecessary elements distracting you from your real reason to be there? If your site is full of clutter and no clear navigation is there for users; they aren’t going to convert. A user’s journey on your site should be free of distractions and unnecessary elements; Clear navigation to user’s need will not only improve user experience but also the chances of conversion.
  • Remove distractive elements and design the UX in a way to guide your users to the target you want them to hit or they want to hit.


  1. Add a pop-up to your site- Adding website popups helps in generating leads & drive sales from your website. Minimalism is surely a design trend but, that doesn’t mean you can’t share additional elements on your site to increase conversions. All you need is less cumbersome and intrusive ways to do so. That’s what popups do for you. Your traffic may not follow the journey you designed for them but popups will surely catch their eye. Use them to promote special offers, asking for a subscription, or any other goal which is a conversion for you.
  • Popups are surely an attention-grabbing tool but it’s essential to not use an excess of them & place them wisely to not interrupt the user while surfing.


  1. Add testimonials & reviews- Various reports have shown that people consider testimonials & reviews like suggestions from their friends or cousins. People always need the review and experience of others before paying for a product or service, and your website testimonials & reviews help in winning the trust of your users. People trust what a customer says about your business more than what you say about it. Good customer testimonials are important to customers and marketers alike for building relationships. Do not forget to add them for waking your dead sales.
  • Design your testimonials in a way that makes them look trustworthy & authentic. Do not ruin them by unprofessional design and not using images of the people behind the testimonials.
  • Only display the testimonials that are the most relevant to different prospects that visit your site.


  1. Easy initial steps for users- Your conversion funnel is a path that describes the journey a user takes to finally be your paying customer. Well, you can generate visitors through ads, SEO, social media, etc. but as soon as they land on your site, the true effectivity test of your funnel starts. Removing only distractions will not work towards conversion. It’s essential to eliminate confusion from the initial targeting steps of the funnel to provide ease of use & effective user interaction. Keep initial steps like signup or steps in purchasing section easy for users. Do not confuse or lose user’s interest by asking for too much information, redirecting to pages away from the site, or by any other means. Keep things simple and to the point for generating better leads and turning them into conversions.


  1. Strengthen your CTA- A good user experience directly relates to your CTA. You are providing a good user experience for your benefit i.e. conversion. Therefore, it’s very crucial to strengthen your CTA copy. By placing your CTA in right place, it becomes easy to influence your customers and guide them to the action you want them to take. Be clear about those one or two actions you want them to take and do not place more than 2 CTAs as they may confuse the user.
  • Place your CTA where it’s easy to locate, read and click. CTAs are directly connected to conversions and so their placement.


  1. Try different offers- If you are throwing the same old offers to your visitors every time, there are almost zero chances of them converting. People love to bargain and if the discount or offer including different benefits comes directly from the seller, that’s ‘icing on the cake’. Target and lure your customers with different offers every time they visit your site. Instead of a discount, You can also offer things like e-books or merchandise with your existing offers.


  1. Offer money-back guarantee- When it comes to building trust, a money-back guarantee on your products or services is an effective way. By doing so, you offer your customers insurance against the perceived risk of the product. Researches have shown that the money-back guarantee increases customers’ feeling of satisfaction with their purchase experience. A money-back guarantee not only attracts customers to your products but also retains customers by making them likely to return to you.
  • Offer your customers a full refund if they aren’t satisfied with your products. It indicates your confidence in the quality of your product.


  1. Add an upsell- Your conversion goal is not only new users turning into customers but also your existing ones. It’s crucial how you target your existing customers to buy more expensive or new stuff, upgrades along with their current purchase, etc. upselling are the effective way to do it. Upselling helps to increase conversion rates. These post-purchase offers target your customer at a convenient point in their journey and encourage them to convert more.
  • Add upsell at the points where buyer intent is high, as customers are more likely to complete the purchase at that point.


  1. A/B test your headlines- Analysing different variants of your headlines is a very effective method to put the best one in front. Your headlines communicate with your customers and determine whether or not your target audience is going to read your article or web content. Headlines are the impression you make through your content on an internet surfer to turn them into a potential lead and then converting customers. Create several title variations for the same articles and other web content to find out which one performs the best. Use A/B testing to track several metrics like average reading time, the number of shares, etc. put the best performing headlines out there and attract new customers.


  1. Add a countdown timer- Countdown timers are useful to create a sense of urgency in customers and give the feeling that “time is running out”. You can use a countdown timer on your landing pages as well as on checkout pages. Countdown timer grabs customer attention towards a special discount, an event, offers, telling them about their beginning or end. It generates curiosity and keeps people interested to do a purchase and come back later for upcoming offers.

Conclusion- well, now you know about different opportunities for conversion throughout your funnel and what do you need to improve. Do not rush for getting big conversions. Focus on making smaller conversions and giving a good user experience to customers. A good user experience will not only increase conversions but will also create a much more loyal customer base for you.

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