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When Should I Invest in a Dedicated Server?

Whether you’re just starting your business and building an internet site otherwise you are looking to extend business and scale the number of site visitors, you would possibly be wondering when to choose a fanatical server together with your web host. There are many hosting plans and options for your website or application, including a shared server, a virtual private server (VPS), and a fanatical server.

The best option for you requires looking into whether a fanatical server is sensible for your business and budget. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for web hosting plans. Instead, carefully consider your website’s needs against what a fanatical server offers. You can then determine if a fanatical server makes no sense for you at this stage or whether it’ll provide the simplest start line for your business’ planned growth.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a remote server used by only one individual, organization, or application. In other words, you’ll not be sharing it with another organization or application as you’d with a shared hosting service or VPS. While the resources provided to you with a shared server or VPS are consistently assigned to you, you’ll experience rather lower performance or level of security than that of a dedicated server.

Typically, dedicated servers are rented by the users and are maintained by a hosting, cloud, or managed service provider (MSP), like Bluehost. As against simply housing the hardware on-premises, the benefit here is that the service web host provider maintains, customizes, and manages the server for you. If your staff is already stretched thin, dedicated servers with remote access will prevent your employees from work overload because the company grows.

Conversely, if you or your staff are equipped to customize and manage the dedicated server, you’ll have full control over the resource without having to travel through an internet hosting service. However, thanks to its shared nature, you’ll not have this feature if you select a virtual private server. Additionally, if your company is distributed across the world, then dedicated servers will leave remote access; teams of developers can access the server from wherever they want to figure.

There are four main reasons you would possibly prefer to invest during a dedicated server:

Highest Level of Privacy

By physically separating your server from any others at the MSP you select, you’ve got automatically achieved a better level of privacy. If you were to use the server for confidential data backup or to run an application that contained end-users’ billing and private information, privacy would be a key requirement.

While a VPS hosting service is very secure and does allow you to install your security software, if another user’s neglect opens the door to a breach, your site is at risk on the same server. However, with a fanatical server, you’re not at the mercy of others; you’re instead fully control of any potential security breaches.

Ability to Configure the Server Any Way you select

No compromises are necessary when you choose the configuration for a dedicated server. Without other users sharing the same server, you have full control over how you want it set up, what operating system you want to use, and what you will use the server for, be it web hosting plans, applications, or data storage.

Isolate Yourself from Other Users

In addition to having privacy with a dedicated server hosting solution, you also won’t be impacted by other users. If you employ a VPS, when other users experience a surge in site traffic, your site performance could also be affected. On some VPS hosting platforms, if one website is maxing out its resources but the other websites on the VPS are not, that website will be able to borrow resources (also known as a hypervisor) for better functionality. If two users of a VPS got to combat more resources temporarily, that’s where the issues occur and site performance suffers.

MPS takes care to make sure that every VPS can perform as consistently as possible. However, with dedicated servers that are physically separate, you’re bound to be unaffected by other users.

Stable and Predictable High Performance

If your website sees high levels of traffic, you’ll want to use a fanatical server to make sure high performance. In addition to isolating your services onto one server, a fanatical server features a higher performance level than a VPS hosting service. For example, VPS servers start at 2GB of RAM, whereas dedicated servers start at 4GM of RAM.

Dedicated Server Hosting Offers the very best Level of Performance, But at a Price
If your business is poised to scale during a big way, having your website and applications on a fanatical server will ensure top performance. A dedicated server, however, maybe a large investment for a corporation, so do your research and test out the choices before you invest.

If you’re currently employing a VPS, run a comparison with a fanatical server. Perhaps start small by moving only one application over to a fanatical server from a VPS to match the performance and security improvements over a brief period of your time. Then you’ll be ready to determine if and once you want to maneuver more resources over to dedicated servers.

If you’re confident that your website and business will grow massively, then having a fanatical server from the beginning could prevent time later. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that regardless of how big you grow, you’ll have the resources in your pocket to power your web presence.

Your decision on whether to maneuver from VPS to a fanatical server also will be predicated on price. Dedicated servers offer the very best performance, but that comes at a premium. VPS offers adequate performance, flexibility, and security for little and medium-sized businesses and private websites.

If your business or website is during a position to afford a considerable increase in price, then consider contacting your MSP to debate the upgrade to the present web hosting service. This way, you’ll ensure consistent site performance and therefore the highest possible security together with your website hosting.

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