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Icon design for Mobile Applications

Every software web application has its own set of unique/distinctive icons. A varied set of icons that area unit distinctive are unique and exclusive can be developed for all kinds of options and functions. Icons will be available in various kinds of designs, colours, shapes or sorts. They’ll be abstract or illustrative. Icon developers at Logo, People in India use creative imagination to develop skilled icons which have an appealing character The icons additionally ought to have clarity so that their purpose is simply to know.

There are 6 kinds of icons:

Application Icons

Application icons are illustrative to look for the software application. Microsoft Word application icons which are embedded in its software to demarcate various features and functionality.


The Avatar icon is a application user’s image in the form of a representative graphic used as an alternative online portrait on forums and social media websites.

Desktop Icons

Desktop icons are the most common icons which are used approx multiple distributions. They are used as a generic feature for common functions. Common desktop icons i.e. My Computer, My Documents, and Recycle Bin, etc.


Emoticon icons are sketches giving expression to the user’s emotions. They are often used to exhibit to the feeling and emotions in online chat communications like Yahoo, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Rocket-chat messengers like Smilies.

Website Icons

Website icons are global representing a specific function in the website process. These icons present the description and knowledge of functionality within the website and are extremely useful for web processes.

Mobile Device Icons

Nowadays, Mobile Icons are used by various Mobile devices like Mobiles, Tablets and VoIP phones, etc. These icons are of high definition even though they are small and intricate. iPhone and Android phone are a separate set of mobile icons compatible for respective systems.

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