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With Arystons Object Storage congregation in its respective data center’s around the world, additionally as full integration of entire CDN, customers will be able to even replicate or migrate their information anytime and at anyplace. In addition to this, along with the ‘build-in’ robust tagging, discover, as well as indexing attributes, customers will be able to simply allot enriched information tags, and notice or spread out their objects whenever they are demanded.

Arystons Storage is battery-powered by power unit SAN infrastructure. The entire storage is across SAN system having about 15k revolutions per minute SAS moves in Raid 5 configuration offering the customers with the peak of the line storage performance.

In addition to this, every storage unit is totally secluded from various others making certain it has total protection. With us, customers need not be concerned and worried regarding the performance, IOPS, security, integrity, and protection of their information.

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