Rittik bansal

co-founder, arystons

Hello Readers, How are you doing?

Today I am going to tell you about the Co-Founder of Arystons, the best IT Firm in Haryana. Started by two Brothers back in 2018.

Arystons is the Firm which is providing almost every IT support that anyone can get, You get a guy from Beginner level to the Expert level from Arystons to assist you.

Well, You all are here to know about Mr. Rittik Bansal.

He started this firm with his Brother Mukesh with a thought to start getting clients as a Website Developer, Well who knew that it will turn out to be the company providing all the IT Solutions.

The first website by Rittik was for his Brothers Company KCA Wireless Group, which was not successful in business and he created the website for that company when he was only 14. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, There’s a lot about Rittik and his achievements. He was doing great in IT with a monthly revenue of 3Lakh, and then after getting bored he started learning about Digital Marketing from Digital Deepak with his Internship Trainings.

Moving forward, Rittik is now one of the successful Digital Marketer and he included Digital Marketing as a service in the IT Firm.